We help outstanding projects
reach their goals through crowdfunding.

We are a Paris-Berlin-London crowdfunding consultancy that has helped numerous start-ups, businesses and creative studios launch projects on Kickstarter. These have ranged from consumer products, to games, books, fashion accessories, and digital fabrication tools. Founded in 2012, at the burst of crowdfunding, Sidekick has since raised more than $3M over + 50 campaigns.

Let’s work together, contact us at hello@sidekickcreatives.com

Our strength lies both in our creative backgrounds and our experience in running countless crowdfunding campaigns.

We collaborate with clients and dive deep into their projects to understand their needs and priorities.

We provide them with a wide range of services: campaign conceptualisation, market & audience research, reward strategy, art direction, video & photo production, copywriting, launch strategy, Bill Of Material & funding simulations, and more.

We divide the work in 4 phases:

• Campaign Conceptualisation

• Promotional Video & Photography

• Campaign Implementation

• Live Campaign

We want to be as flexible as possible with our clients’ needs and budgets.

We can provide a full package service or some consulting calculated on a daily basis.

Our clients include:

Bare Conductive
Tech Will Save Us
Sam Labs

Yolky Games
Sealand Gear

Sidekick was co-founded in 2012 by Oscar Lhermitte, Philipp Figueroa, Arne Zacher, Molly Anderson, Yoav Reches, Tommaso Lanza and Anisha Peplinksi.

It is now directed by Oscar Lhermitte. In recognition of his contributions to the Kickstarter creator community, Oscar was invited to join the Kickstarter Thought Leaders program in 2017. He was also the driving force behind Quickstarter, a creative prompt adopted by Kickstarter to inspire creators to launch small projects.

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